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Scholars Season Ticket Information

Scholars Season Ticket Information

Greater Anglia have agreements with certain educational establishments to allow access to reduced rate travel for their students. To ease the purchasing process the most popular journies are accessible for purchase online through this site. The schools and colleges who have these agreements with us will advertise the fact to the parents of their students.

To buy a scholars season you can either purchase through this site (for the most popular journeys) or you can ring 0345 600 7245 (Option 3) between 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you wish to purchase a Scholars Season Ticket you will need to click on this link

For the parents of students from schools and colleges who have agreements with us, the following possibilities apply:

Before you read about the available options, please read this first:

Scholars season tickets are only available to students of certain educational establishments. You need to be aware of the following:

1) Tickets can take up to five working days to reach you via our delivery agent. All tickets require a signature upon delivery.
2) Orders made prior to 11:00 on a working day are normally sent out the same day. Tickets ordered after this time will normally be sent on the next working day.
3) We will only refund tickets that have been purchased awaiting the arrival of a scholars season if our delivery agent fails in it's delivery timescales. No other refunds will be considered.
4) Tickets ordered over four weeks prior to the start date on the ticket will be sent out 3-4 weeks before the start of term

Ticketing Options:

Academic Year Ticket

A ticket for a complete Academic year. This starts at the beginning of the Autumn term in August / September and then finishes on 31st July (for a full Academic Year) or on 31st May (for a short Academic Year).

This is the cheapest way to cover the whole years worth of travel

One Term Pass

We will issue a pass for the impending or current term (depending on the chekout options). The pass validity dates are:
Autumn Term - 20th August to 23rd December
Spring Term - 1st January to 31st March
Summer Term (Full) - 1st April to 31st July
Summer Term (Short) - 1st April to 31st May

The prices for one term passes are fixed irrespective of the date they were purchased during the term. The prices for one term will NOT change throughout the academic year.

Monthly Pass by Direct Debit


This is a pass purchased on a monthly basis by Direct Debit (the first ticket is purchased by Debit / Credit Card through this site). Please read below for details:

How it Works - Supplementary Terms and Conditions / Scheme Rules for Monthly Payments
1) You buy the first ticket (valid from 20th August - 30th September) by card on this site
2) Within 3 working days, we will send you an electronic Direct Debit link (from our partners GoCardless) via email for you to complete.
3) You must fill in the Direct Debit application as soon as you receive it
4) The payment for each ticket (which is the same value as your first ticket) will be taken on or after the 10th of the preceeding month. (So the payment for the 1st October - 31st October will be taken on 10th September).
5) You are signing up to a subscription for monthly tickets to run until either 31st May (9 tickets in all - 8 Direct Debit Payments) or 31st July (11 tickets in all - 10 Direct Debit Payments)
6) Each ticket will be sent by a recorded delivery service the week prior to it becoming active. A signature will be required to accept the ticket.
7) Should your Direct Debit payment fail for any reason we will retry it with an additional £20 administration charge
8) Should the retry of the Direct Debit fail you automatically become unsubscribed from the scheme and will have to buy either full fare or termly tickets
9) If you wish to end the agreement you may do so by giving us 30 days notice in writing to
10) Once your subscription is terminated for any reason you may not subscribe again until September in the following academic year

The ticket is valid in the evenings, at weekends and during the school holidays (during the ticket validity).

The named student MUST be in possession of a valid railway photocard (available from staffed railway stations) prior to this ticket being purchased. More information on photocards is available by clicking on the link to the left.

If you need a ticket from a different origin station travelling to an available station you will need to call the Business Travel Team on 0345 600 7245 (Option 3) between 09:00-17:00 Monday - Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays)

Please ensure that you correctly select whether the student is only travelling until the end of May / Short Year (if they are taking exams) or whether they need the full year to the end of July.
Refunds on Scholars Season Tickets

Refunds on Scholars Season Tickets

If you find that you no longer need a scholars season ticket then we can normally arrange a refund - However, please bear in mind the following:

1) We do NOT refund part used Monthly Passes.
2) We do not use Monthly Pass prices in the calculation of refunds for other tickets (as it is an annual subscription)
3) To calculate a refund on a termly or annual scholars ticket we deduct the price of what you should've bought had you bought the nearest available ticket for the time used. In most instances this will mean the price of a full fare season ticket will be calculated for the used period and deducted from the price you have paid. As most scholars tickets are heavily discounted after the ticket has been used for 45% of it's duration, there will be no refund value.